Your Benefits as an Information Member

VÖIG – a strong and competent partner

The Association of Austrian Investment Companies VÖIG was founded by thirteen investment fund management companies on 20 January 1988. Today, as the umbrella organisation of the Austrian securities investment fund management companies and real estate investment fund management companies,
it represents the interests of 21 members. The real estate investment fund management companies have been members of VÖIG since November 2003. In addition, VÖIG introduced information membership at the beginning of 2005.

Presently VÖIG represents fund assets held by Austrian investment fund management companies (securities investment fund management companies and real estate investment fund management companies) of approximately 198 billion euros (as per November 2020). The number of investment savers in Austria, for the promotion of whose interests VÖIG employs a broad range of measures and influences, is continuously increasing from year to year.

VÖIG, which is organised under the law of associations, sees its primary tasks as providing assistance to its members, and promoting and observing the Austrian investment fund industry.

For this purpose, VÖIG is permanently in contact with the authorities and ministries in charge of matters of investment fund law and exchanges information with other Austrian representative associations.

As a member of the European Fund and Asset Management Association, VÖIG is also informed of the latest developments at the European level moreover, VÖIG is an active member of IIFA.

VÖIG sees itself as the competent contact for the Austrian media and is the point of reference for enquiries about the Austrian investment fund industry from at home and abroad. It is the central point of contact for all questions relating to investment funds, its scope of activities covering a broad range of issues:

retail funds and special funds, old-age provision, law and taxes, training and further education and many more.

An overview of VÖIG’s tasks

• Providing assistance and information to its members
• Representing the rights and interests of its members
• Advising and supporting authorities
• Informing the public about the possibilities of investing in investment funds
• Establishing and fostering contact to associations and business organisations at the national and international levels

Information members may be

• individual persons or
• companies / institutions

who/which are not authorised as investment fund management companies and wish to support the objectives of VÖIG. These include, for example, auditing companies, rating businesses, software providers, domestic and foreign sales companies, lawyers and consultants, service providers, and custodian banks.

Providing assistance to information members

Monthly VÖIG newsletter

VÖIG issues a monthly newsletter summarising the latest significant developments affecting the fund industry under the headings of fund news, taxes, law, and international affairs.

Official VÖIG statements of opinion on draft legislation

Information members receive the official statements of opinion by VÖIG as submitted to the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber for the purpose of assessing draft legislation.

Participation in VÖIG workshops and in the VÖIG Fund Days

VÖIG organises workshops on important topics of the investment fund industry for its members and information members. These workshops deal with practical aspects of both legal and tax issues, presenting case studies as examples. Due to the opportunity to receive direct feedback, these workshops serve as a forum where information can freely be exchanged.

Every two years, VÖIG organises the VÖIG Fund Days for its members and information members. This event lasts several days and features lectures on current fund topics by experts from ministries, authorities and companies.

Access to the information member intranet of VÖIG

Information members receive access to the VÖIG information member intranet, which enables them to access the following documents:

• Lecture material from the VÖIG workshops
• VÖIG newsletters
• Current texts of laws
• Decisions by various authorities

VÖIG staff as contact persons

Apart from being able to retrieve data available on the information member intranet, information members are welcome to contact the employees of VÖIG at any time to ask detailed questions or obtain background information on particular topics.

Information membership means:

• Supporting the objectives of VÖIG
• Saving time
• Saving costs
• Having a headstart in terms of knowledge
• Relying on assured quality

Terms and conditions

• One-time admission fee of 500 euros
• Annual fee of 3,500 euros

Information members do not take part in the VÖIG members’ meetings or in various working groups of VÖIG.

How to become an information member

An application for membership is to be made in writing (by letter, not by e-mail) to the General Secretariat of VÖIG. As the Board of Directors of VÖIG must pass a resolution on admission as an information member, it is requested that you briefly describe the focus of your business activities in your application for admission. If a positive resolution is passed, you will be notified by e-mail and sent a current version of the Statute of VÖIG.

Termination of VÖIG information membership

VÖIG information membership may be terminated at the end of each year by sending a registered letter to the Secretariat General of VÖIG, giving three months’ notice.

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